Charge Your Customers for Phone Calls & Web Chats Using Our Fully Automated Platform
Save Time & Make Bigger Profits

Offer Free Minutes, Flat Rate Charges and Per Minute Billing Options.


Our customers inspire us. People like you, who love to explore as much as we do – to push the boundaries, and create something online.

Own A Website

With our Unlimited Plan

Track Earnings

With our Control Panel

Get an 800 Number

Professional & Unlimited Plan

Stand Out

Customize Audio & Design


$600 Installation

$150 Monthly Maintenance, $0.10 Per Min. Fee

Start your own call center with our UNLIMITED package. Pick a theme from our templates (Coaching, Astrology Reading, Tech Support or Adult PSO) and be ready to go in as little as 3 days. Have full control over audio, phone extensions and the look of your site, and keep track of every transaction and interaction between callers, agents and your company.


$300 Installation

$50 Monthly Maintenance, $0.10 Per Min. Fee

Our Professional Package is the perfect way to acquire your own 800 number and be able to charge customers for every call they make to your extensions. You’ll be able to accept any form of major payment including PayPal. The package comes with a control panel and audio customization, so you can keep track of every transaction on your account.


$20 Installation

$20 Monthly Maintenance, $0.10 Per Min. Fee

Our Basic Package gets you signed up as an Advisor with your own customizable profile web page (a single page). Choose from a variety of specialties: Coaching, Counseling, Spirituality, Legal, Health, Finances, Astrology, and Tech Support. You will get your own extension number and fully featured Control Panel to keep track of every transaction, be able to send and receive messages with your callers, and charge them per minute for phone calls and web chats.

How it Works?

You Choose a Package:



With UNLIMITED you can choose one of the following themes:



Tech Support

Adult PSO

Record Custom Audio Clips

With Unlimited and Professional packages, you can record all greetings and audio responses to make your business truly unique. You can do this by phone, web or uploading already recorded .wav files.

Set Hours of Operation, Payout Rates, Calling Icons & More!

Our Fully featured Control Panel gives you the tools to run your business smoothly and efficiently. From reading reports to customizing the types of payments you accept, you'll be up and running in no time.

Finding Great Professionals for your Business is the Key to Success

We recommend starting with 5-20 professionals whose exemplary knowledge and skill in their chosen field will bring with it a solid customer base. Some ways to advertise and seek out professionals include:

1. Ask Professionals you Know
2. Use Social Media
3. Cross Pollinate with Other Successful Businesses
4. Print Advertisements- Flyers, Newspapers, Brochures
5. Business cards
6. Opt-in Email Marketing
Build a Caller Base of Repeat Customers

Once a caller has a successful experience with one of your professionals, they are more likely to call a second and third time. Established Professionals will sometimes come with a caller base already. Here are some other ideas for getting your brand known:

1. Social Media
2. Print Materials - Flyers, Drink Coasters, Tote Bags
3. TV & Internet Advertising
4. Free Conference Merchandise - Keychains, Stickers, T-Shirts
5. Business Cards
6. Opt-in Email Marketing
Accept All Major Credit Cards Automatically

When callers sign up they are required to make a deposit before making calls, giving you peace of mind that your professionals are paid for their time. Chargebacks are minimized by offering free minutes at the beginning of calls. Funds are then deposited as minutes are used, and credit cards automatically charged if funds run out mid-call.

Our Automated System Gets Callers to You Quickly & Efficiently

Using our Calling Buttons, callers can reach you by web or phone from any website that uses our proprietary code. If you’re already on a call, callers will be asked if they’d like to hold, leave a note, or be routed to the next available

Never Worry About Getting Paid
Daily Deposits


Automated Payouts*

Professional & Basic Plans
25th of Each Month

Let’s get you going!
or-call 1-888-439-8984
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Are you looking for an alternative to Premium Chat? Our web chat services have elevated Paid Chat to a higher level and our plans are much more affordable. If you have been searching for Premium Chat competitors, and  PayPerCall competitors, you have come to the right place. We offer a more advanced and feature-rich platform that is more user-friendly and is available to you at a fraction of the cost. 

Paid Connections has built a paid phone, chat, and video service that is constantly improving because we listen to all the requests from our clients and are constantly spending the money it takes on high end developers to meet all the demands of our clients.

Over the past 2 decades, this work ethic and our determination to reinvest all company profits into improving our platform has resulted in the best pay per call, phone, video, and chat services on the market.